"Another Reason Scottsdale is
One Cool City"

New Gelato Shop in Downtown Scottsdale
to Serve Recipes by the Winner of Italy’s Most Renowned Award in Gelato Making

Move over ice cream! Cool Gelato Italiano is bringing delicious, hand-crafted, artisanal Italian gelato to Scottsdale from February 14th. Located directly behind the Scottsdale Center for the Arts, this elegantly designed gelato shop is the entrepreneurial dream of Alberto Della Casa and Letizia de Lucia, a husband-and-wife team whose careers in the food industry, both in Italy and the United States, span a combined 35 years.

“Americans who have traveled to Italy return raving not just about the Sistine Chapel or the Coliseum, but about the gelato,” said Letizia “and once they have eaten the real thing, they understand that gelato and ice cream are two completely different things.”

One of the basic differences between artisanal gelato and ice cream is that gelato doesn’t contain as much air and is therefore more intense in flavor.  Gelato is healthier than ice cream because it contains less fat and fewer calories.

Cool’s gelato is made fresh daily onsite. The gelato is produced in small quantities and because of its freshness requires no preservatives.  No artificial colors or chemical additives are used.  The fresh, natural ingredients give Cool’s gelato a unique taste and texture.  Authentic gelato graces the taste buds in a way that even the best of premium ice creams fails to do.

Each day Cool Gelato Italiano will feature 20 distinct flavors designed by Alberto and Letizia in collaboration with Italy’s champion gelato artisan recognized by the Italian Academy of Gelato. Cool will also highlight authentic sorbet made with fresh fruits, gelato sandwiches, gelato affogato and much more.

About COOL Gelato Italiano

Cool Gelato Italiano is the newest and first of its kind gelato shop to open in Arizona. Located in downtown Scottsdale, Cool Gelato Italiano is founded by a couple from Italy that has called Phoenix home for the last 5 years. They have brought the authentic and unique style of creating hand-crafted artisanal Italian gelato to the Valley. Cool is inspired by the rich Italian gelato tradition and will feature an array of distinct flavors created and handcrafted by one of Italy’s top gelatieri or gelato artisans, commissioned specifically to create a one-of-kind taste that makes you feel you are on the streets of Italy. Cool is situated in the hub of the Scottsdale Mall, next to the Scottsdale Center for the Arts, a hip and happening arts and culture mecca. Recipes incorporate the freshest and finest all-natural ingredients.